Literature About Procurement

Customer satisfaction: A focus for research & practice
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Report for the CIB 99 Joint Triennial Symposium, Cape Town, South Africa, 6-10 September 1999, Hans Westling Promandat AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Co-operative Procurement - Market Acceptance for Innovation Energy Efficient Technologies
By: Hans Westling, Promandat AB
Document Number: B1996:3 NUTEK/IEA
Co-operative Procurement - Market Acceptance for Innovative Energy-Efficient Technologies
By: Westling, H
Stockholm, Sweden
Buyer Co-operation for Energy Efficient Appliances. Creative Buyer Groups with Goal and LCC Orientation – New Project Management Area. Paper for the Project Management Institute Conference
October 1994
By: Westling, H.
NUTEK: Purchasers' Requirements Dictate Development: A Study of Technology Procurement
Brochure. Stockholm, Sweden
Strategic Study on the Construction Sector. A large number of reports. Commission of the European Communities
By: Atkins, W.S. International Limited
Document Number: F2347
Innovation, the Organised Market and the Productivity Slowdown. For The Technology Economy Programme. Technology and Productivity. The Challenge for Economic Policy
By: Lundvall, B Å
OECD, Paris, France
Networks and Market Creation. Research Policy, No. 20
By: Teubal, M & Yinnon, T & Zuscovitch, E
Technology Procurement for Innovation in Swedish Construction
By: Westling, H
Document Number: BFR D17:1991
Stockholm, Sweden
Innovation as an Interactive Process: From User-Producer Interaction to the National System of Innovation
By: Lundvall, B.Å
In Dose, G et al: Technical Change and Economic Theory
Industrial Technological Development. A Network Approach
By: Håkansson, H (ed)
Worchester (Billing & Sons Limited)
A Source of Novel Product Concepts. Management Science, Vol. 32, No. 7
July 1986
By: Hippel, E von
Cambridge, Mass., USA. (The Institute of Management Sciences)
Project SAPPHO, Phase II. Research Policy
November 1974
By: Rothwell, R & Freeman, C & Horsley, A & Jervis V T P & Roberts, A B & Townsend, J
SAPPHO Updated