Phase Change Materials

Composite material for heat storage, method for preparation and use
December 2012
By: R. Cuypers, A.J. de Jong, J. Eversdijk, H. Oversloot, H. van ‘t Spijker, N.E. Papen-Botterhuis
Microencapsulation of Salts for Enhanced Thermochemical Storage Materials
December 2012
By: R. Cuypers, A.J. de Jong, J. Eversdijk, H. van ‘t Spijker, H. Oversloot, B.L.J. Ingenhut, R.K.H. Cremers, and N.E. Papen-Botterhuis
Intercomparative tests on phase change materials characterisation with differential scanning calorimeter
November 2012 - PDF 0.74MB
By: Ana Lazaro, Conchita Peñalosa, Aran Solé, Gonzalo Diarce, Thomas Haussmann, Magali Fois, Belén Zalba, Stefan Gshwander, Luisa F. Cabeza
Publisher: Applied Energy Journal
For the correct design of thermal storage systems using phase change materials (PCMs) in any application, as well as for their simulation, it is essential to characterise the materials from thermophysical and rheological standpoints (phase change enthalpy, thermal conductivity in solid and liquid phases, viscosity and density in function of temperature). Taking advantage of the different research groups facilities available in two international networks: within the IEA (International Energy Agency), the ECES Implementing Agreement (Energy Conservation through Energy Storage IA) and SHC Programme (Solar Heating and Cooling) Task 42/Annex 24 ‘‘Compact Thermal Energy Storage – Material Development for System Integration’’, and the COST Action TU0802 ‘‘Next generation cost effective phase change materials for increased energy efficiency in renewable energy systems in buildings (NeCoE-PCM)’’ a set of Round Robin Tests (RRTs) was proposed.
Improving Thermal Performance of Freezers Using Phase Change Materials
June 2012
By: Oró E, Miró L, Farid MM, Cabeza LF
Analysis of Implementing Phase Change Materials in Open-Air Swimming Pools
January 2012
By: Zsembinszki G, Farid MM, Cabeza LF
Use of Microencapsulated PCM in Buildings and the Effect of Adding Awnings
January 2012
By: Arce P, Castellón C, Castell A, Cabeza LF
Thermal Analysis of Including Phase Change Material in a Domestic Hot Water Cylinder
December 2011
By: de Gracia A, Oró E, Farid MM, Cabeza LF
Behaviour of Green Facades in Mediterranean Continental Climate
April 2011
By: Pérez G, Rincón L, Vila A, González JM, Cabeza LF
Materials Used as PCM in Thermal Energy Storage In Buildings: A Review
April 2011
By: Cabeza LF, Castell A, Barreneche C, de Gracia A, Fernández AI
Effect of Microencapsulated Phase Change Material in Sandwich Panels
October 2010
By: Castellón C, Medrano M, Roca J, Cabeza LF, Navarro ME, Fernández AI, Lázaro A, Zalba B
Life Cycle Assessment of the Inclusion of Phase Change Materials (PCM) in Experimental Buildings
September 2010
By: De Gracia A, Rincón L, Castell A, Jiménez M, Boer D, Medrano M, Cabeza LF
Compatibility of Plastic with Phase Change Materials (PCM)
June 2010
By: Castellón C, Martorell I, Cabeza LF, Fernández AI, Manich AM
Document Number: 10.1002/er.1723
Experimental Study of Using PCM in Brick Constructive Solutions for Passive Cooling
April 2010
By: Castell A, Medrano M, Martorell I, Pérez G, Cabeza LF
Experimental Studies on Seasonal Heat Storage Based on Stable Supercooling of a Sodium Acetate Water Mixture
By: Simon Furbo, Janne Dragsted, Jianhua Fan, Ziqian Chen, Elsa Andersen and Bengt Perers
Publisher: Technical University of Denmark
Poly(2-Alkyloyloxyethylacrylate) and Poly(2-Alkyloyloxyethylacrylate-Co-Methylacrylate) Comb-Like Polymers as Novel Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
By: Cemil Alkan*, Ömer Faruk Ensari, Derya Kahraman