Enthalpy and temperature of the phase change solid–liquid
An analysis of data of compounds employing entropy
September 2013
By: Harald Mehling (ZAE Wuerzburg, Germany)
Review of Solar Thermal Storage Techniques and Associated Heat Transfer Technologies
February 2012
By: Cabeza LF, Solé C, Castell A, Oró E, Gil A
Economic Viability of a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Working with Biogas
October 2010
By: Castell A, Margalef P, Medrano M, Cabeza LF, Samuelsen S
Economic Viability of Using Biogas from Tannery Wastes in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells
May 2010
By: Castell A, Medrano M, Cabeza LF, Morera JM, Bartolí E
Austrian Masterplan - Thermal Energy Storage
PDF 0.25MB
By: Bernhard Zettl, Andreas Heinz, Philip Ohnewein, Michael Monsberger, Stefan Vorbach and Wim van Helden
Publisher: Austria Solar Innovation Center