IEA SHC Task 54 Newsletter 2018
October 2018
By: Task 54

- Final Task Meeting
- ISEC Conference
- Task 54 Webinar
- New Working Group
- LCoH Calcualtion Tool
- Levelized Cost of Heat for Reference Systems
- Improved Flat Plate Collector with Heat Pipes for Overheating Prevention
- Cost Optimized: Conico Glycol-Free Solar  System in First Residential Demonstration
- Installers Point the Direction
- How the Heat Changers Breathe New Life into Solar Thermal Marketing
- Upcoming Events
- Upcoming Publications

IEA SHC Task 54 Newsletter 2017
November 2017
By: Task 54

In This Newsletter
- Past experts meetings in Rapperswil and Linz
- Task 54 workshop and industry round table in Linz, Austria
- Towards new system solutions with solar thermal – Insights by Roger Hackstock
- LCOH calculations of a selected reference system & sensitivity analysis
- First proposals for standardisation (collector / storage
- Price reduction potential Switzerland
- Progress in the development of heat pipe collectors for overheating prevention
- Solar domestic hot water system with polymer inlet stratifier

IEA SHC Task 54 Newsletter 2016
November 2016
By: Task 54
In this newsletter
- Levelized costs of solar thermal heat
- Data Collection on installation
- New business model "Payouse"
- Techno-economical optimization "TEWIsol"
- Novel heat pipe collectors
- Drain-back system concept for large systems
- Solar thermal systems without differential controllers / sensors