Energy Efficiency in Historical Buildings 2018 Conference Report
Energy Efficiency in Historical Buildings 2018 Conference Report
October 2018 - PDF 15.97MB

Final version of the proceedings are not ready yet, but the draft version is available.  Here's a list of Task 59 presenters and presentations::

09:00 Tor Broström -- Welcome
09:30 Ernst Jan de Place Hansen -- The RIBUild project
10:10 Ernst Jan de Place Hansen -- Energy savings due to internal façade insulation in historic buildings
11:00 Paula Femenías -- Value creation by re-renovation
11:20 Eva Birgit Møller -- How to estimate material properties for external walls
11:40 Gustaf Leijonhufvud -- What’s behind the façade?
12:00 Lingjun Hao -- The effect of climate change on the future performance
13:50 Walter Hüttler -- Decision support tool HISTool
14:10 Daniel Herrera -- Historic Building Atlas
15:10 Valeria Pracchi -- Removable textile devices to improve the energy efficiency
16:00 Alexandra Troi -- The “Waaghaus” of Bolzano
16:20 Alessia Buda -- Potentialities and criticalities of different retrofit options
16:40 Samuel Dubois -- Combining multi-view photogrammetry and wireless sensor networks
09:00 Amanda Webb -- Examining the energy performance using municipal benchmarking data
09:30 Franziska Haas -- Building stock analysis as a method to assess the heritage and energy
10:10 Ehsan Omar -- Categorization of the heritage building stock in Cairo
11:00 Petra Eriksson -- On designation of character defining elements
14:50 Giovanna Franco -- Nearly Zero Energy Heritage: taboo or challenge?
11:20 Giovanna Franco -- How to estimate material properties for external walls
11:40 Aitziber Egusquiza -- Energy efficiency improvement in historic urban environments
12:00 Alexandra Troi -- IEA Task 59
13:50 Tor Broström -- EEHB2018 Closing remarks
Life cycle assessment in improving the sustainability of existing buildings: Some issues in historic buildings
July 2018
By: Hao, L., Lavagna, M., Troi, A., & Herrera, D.

The XII Italian LCA Network Conference. Life Cycle Thinking in decision-making for sustainability: from public policies to private businesses, 11-12 June 2018, Messina, Italy.