Reports of Subtask B

A Solar Collector Model for TRNSYS Simulation and System Testing
December 2002 - PDF 0.13MB
By: Bengt Perers and Chris Bales
European Test Facilities for Solar Combisystems and Heat Stores
December 2002 - PDF 0.41MB
By: H. Drück, P. Kovács, R. Morlot, H. Visser, P. Vogelsanger
Validation of the CTSS Test Procedure by In-Situ Measurements
December 2002 - PDF 0.21MB
By: Henner Kerskes
Hot Water Performance of Solar Combistores
November 2002 - PDF 0.3MB
By: Harold Drück, Stephan Bachmann
Description of a test method and the experience gained with the application of the method on three different types of combistores
Performance Testing of Solar Combisystems
Comparison of the CTSS with the ACDC Procedure
November 2002 - PDF 0.19MB
By: Harald Drück, Stephan Bachmann
The Concise Cycle Test Method
A Twelve Day System Test
November 2002 - PDF 0.15MB
By: Peter Vogelsanger