Reports of Subtask C

Analysis of System Reports of Task 26 for Sensitivity of Parameters
February 2007 - PDF 1.44MB
By: Wolfgang Streicher and Richard Heimrath
This report summarizes the simulation results of nine solar combisystems. The systems were analyzed indepth using the same reference conditions and the same simulation tool. System optimization was achieved using sensitivity analysis with three target functions based on fractional energy savings.
Report on Solar Combisystems Modelled in Task 26
System Description, Modelling, Sensitivity, Optimisation
April 2003 - PDF 0.25MB
By: W. Streicher, C. Bales, J. Bony, D. Ch├Ęze, K. Ellehauge, R. Heimrath, D. Jaehnig, P. Papillon, M. Peter, T. Pittet, L.J. Shah
Editor: Wolfgang Streicher
Structure of the Reference Buildings of Task 26
April 2003 - PDF 0.24MB
By: Wolfgang Streicher, Richard Heimrath