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Ecostock Conference 2006
June 2006 - PDF 0.59MB
By: Jean-Christophe Hadorn
Paper presenting the work of IEA SHC Task 32. 9 pages
ISES Conference 2005
August 2005 - PDF 0.47MB
Editor: Chris Bales
Poster Presenting IEA SHC Task 32
Thermal Energy Storage for Solar and Low Energy Buildings - State of the Art
Thermal Energy Storage for Solar and Low Energy Buildings - State of the Art
June 2005
Editor: Jean-Christophe Hadorn
ISBN: 84-8409-877-X
Order - 35.00 EUR
No such book on thermal heat storage since 10 years! 170 pages. TABLE OF CONTENTS IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme What is IEA SHC Task 32 “Advanced Storage Concepts for Solar and Low Energy Buildings” ? Acknowledgements Glossary Task 32 participants and authors 1 Scope of this document : Heat and cold storage for solar and low energy buildings by Jean-Christophe Hadorn 2 The need for storage of heat and cold in low energy buildings by Jean-Christophe Hadorn PART I STORAGE IN THE BUILDING STRUCTURE 3 Thermal storage in building structures: thermally activated building systems (tabs) by Beat Lehmann, Robert Weber, Jean-Christophe Hadorn 4 Storage in the building : Direct Solar Floor by Thomas Letz PART II STORAGE IN WATER 5 Combistores by Wolfgang Streicher, Chris Bales 6 Combisystem performance investigation by Michel Haller, Peter Vogelsanger 7 Insulation materials for advanced water storages by Jørgen M. Schultz PART III PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL STORAGE 8 A brief history of PCMs for heat storage by Stephane Citherlet 9 Ice storage by Motoi Yamaha 10 Storage techniques with Phase Change Materials by Luisa F. Cabeza 11 Microencapsulated PCM Slurries by Andreas Heinz, Wolfgang Streicher PART IV SORPTION AND CHEMICAL STORAGE 12 Sorption and thermo-chemical storage by Chris Bales, Paul Gantenbein, Andreas Hauer, Dagmar Jaehnig, Henner Kerskes, Hans-Martin Henning, Tomas Nuñez, Klaas Visscher, Eberhard Laevemann, Matthias Peltzer 13 Storage of solar energy in chemical reactions by Jacob Van Berkel 14 Conclusions by Jean-Christophe Hadorn