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Advances in Housing Retrofit
Advances in Housing Retrofit
Processes, Concepts and Technologies
October 2011 - PDF 8.96MB
Editor: Sebastian Herkel and Florian Kagerer
With 60 documented retrofitted buildings, task 37 shows the different strategies and technologies available for advanced housing renovation in twelve participating countries. Detailed analysis shows that the step to Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) is coming more to reality. This source book deals with processes, concepts, economy and technologies which are all relevant to achieve the approach of a significant reduction of the energy demand in combination with an efficient energy supply from renewable sources. This book represents an impressive source of information from collaborative work of more than 30 experts from 12 countries. The book gives a comprehensive insight in advances achieved within Task 37. It addresses professionals in the building sector as well as the scientific community. The book includes thematic chapters of Processes and design methodology, Building envelope, Ventilation, Energy supply systems, Solar Thermal in Renovation, Design Solutions and Performances of demonstration buildings.
From Demonstration Projects to Volume Markets
From Demonstration Projects to Volume Markets
Market Development for Advanced Housing Renovation
April 2010 - PDF 5.35MB
By: Are Rødsjø, Edward Prendergast, Erwin Mlecnik, Trond Haavik, Paul Parker
How do we get from demonstration projects to a volume market for very low energy demand in advanced housing renovation? The contributors to this report have been working with this issue for many years. Some worked in both IEA SHC Task 28 Sustainable Housing (2000-2005) and in SHC Task 37 Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar and Conservation. This work resulted in the handbook Business Opportunities in Sustainable Housing (from Task 28) and in this booklet. Building stock analyses from Task 37 show that many countries have a huge theoretical potential for reducing the energy consumed in the existing building stock. The question is: How do we speed up the transition from demonstration projects to volume market? This report looks both at a traditional market development perspective and interventions by public actors. By doing this, the report aims to provide a better understanding of what drives advanced housing renovation, and provides a reference document designed to inform and recommend directions for policy makers and central decision makers.
Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar and Conservation
Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar and Conservation
Task 37 Flyer
May 2007 - PDF 0.45MB
By: Robert Hastings and Daniela Enz
Task 37 is a research and demonstration project of the International Energy Agency, Solar Heating & Cooling Programme (IEA SHC). Duration: 2006 - 2009
Advanced and Sustainable Housing Rennovation Handbook
Advanced and Sustainable Housing Rennovation Handbook
A guide for Designers and Planners
PDF 15.2MB
By: Sophie Trachte
This handbook is produced from material developed in the course of IEA SHC Task 37 Advanced Housing Renovation by Solar and Conservation. Operating agent was Fritjof Salvesen from Norway. This venture brought together some 50 experts from 12 countries. The objective of this task was to develop a solid knowledge base how to renovate housing to a very high energy standard while providing superior comfort and sustainability and to develop strategies which support market penetration of such renovations explicitly directed towards market segments with high renovation and multipliable potentials.
Housing Renovations Film Clips

A set of film-clips about housing renovations have been developed with special funding from Norway. These films are available from . The following are available in English and German language: Why low energy? (4 minutes) Low-rise flats, Nuremberg (17 minutes) Housing cooperatives for passive housing, Sweden (16 minutes) Municipal assistance, Norway (12 minutes)